Thursday, November 9, 2017

Discharge Surgically

Assalamualaikum and hello people!!

Alhamdulillah, I'm done with surgical within four months although there was an incident that nearly can be a cause for extension, lol..... Alhamdulillah, my boss didnt extend me, I am really grateful for that. I'm simply could not imagine what my life would be if I'm being extend in Surgical.... Well, maybe refer psychiatry, haha.

So, today I would like to share my experience in Surgical department. Hope you enjoy, lol enjoy la sangat...

I love surgical department although there were quite a lot 'dramas'. Don't want to mention about the MOs, but hey I think you guys are making assumptions about them. Please, stop haha. To be honest, Surgical department is wayyy much more enjoyable that my first posting in O&G. Kalo zaman O&G, selalu kena 'banned' from entering C-sec operation coz of my lack of assistant skills, tapi dalam Surgical, alhamdulillah, I've got so much opportunity to enter 'interesting' and challenging emergency op. Senang cakap, op dalam surgical lagi fun la dari op O&G... And thus, I gained better surgical skills in Surgical department..

Next thing, I learnt that, don't judge a book by its cover. The day where I felt so down, felt like at the edge of mountain yang nak tergolek dah (maksudnya at the edge of macam nak kena extend), one of my bosses said, he will helped me, it is just the matter of I was not lucky enough that day that I've made that mistake and I felt so terharu sebab he was well-known for his garang-ness and so when he said something like that, I'm touched :')

Other than that, I have learnt, you just have to be open in accepting criticism right in front of your face, although inside your heart, you know 'I'm not that bad, I'm just being unlucky'. What one of your boss said you have attitude problem, but he did not know how much referral have you made during clinics and still being claimed as irresponsible, I can't denied I feel dissapointed because again people will point out your mistake... Tapi tu la, it is normal right to feel sad. But whatever it is, I still have to admit my mistake and have to be more careful...

And the most important thing I've learnt in Surgical department, documentationnnnn is really really important.. It was my documentation issues that have caused I am the edge of mountainn (>.<). And so now I have been quite particular and hati2 when it comes to write in case sheets..

I also enjoyed clinic time in Surgical, compared to O&G.. I don't know why I keep comparing Surgical vs O&G, I guess I'm have a very bad bad bad time when I was in O&G, it was really a nightmare and it is hard to forgive those 'mean' people hahaha. Other than clinic, ada assist for scope as well, FNAC, banding etc. So, actually HO surgical could do a variety of things.

Oh yeah, I have also learnt about responsibility although ada 'attitude problem' haha. I was a jonah referral letters. Asal pegi clinic je, dapat patient kena buat referral letter. So, at least now, I'm better at writing formal referral letter... A must have softskills for the doctors gituu haha. And thus, kena make sure referral letter siap and prepare all the stuffs required for patient to bring to the hospital we are referring to. So you have to do it early before patient's appointment.

Last but not least, I have learnt, confidence comes with experience. Rasanya zaman first posting, selalu macam teragak-agak, selalu rasa insecure, sebab tu la kot selalu kena 'aim' dalam O&G. Tapi bila dah lama lama, when you already feel more comfortable about your jobscope, less anxious, that is when confidence tag along. And alhamdulillah, I feel much better in Surgical. And gain so much knowledge in this department.

So, now I'm in Ortho. Nothing much to say. Baru dua minggu. But, it is feel quite boring, lol. Quite a lot free time and it is dangerous coz it leads to laziness, haha. But after all I enjoying ortho free time, feel much more confidence and feel much more 'sisterly' to guide the first poster and plus MO give you more trust when you already a third poster.

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal. May Allah bless my job, bless me with rezeki yang berkat, ameen...

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading!! Haha acah retis sangat sape la nak baca blog ni. Haha


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