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Youth Nowadays...

Assalamualaikum gaisss.

Lama dah tak update, takde cerita menarik pun. Sekarang baru je pon habis GP attachment yang kinda relax jugak. MiniCEX GP pon macam tak rasa exam je, harapnya GP bagi markah lebih lah haha.

Btw today, I did some googling about some stuffs, and found this one very great article that I think like "sesuai sangat" for youth like us to read and ponder upon. I'm not going to write a long entry, just gonna copy paste those parts from the articles that I think can be a very good reflection for all of us, insyaAllah.


1.  Let it All Out

Talk to Allah and tell Him how you feel – in whatever language you know how. Cry to Him if you want to. Do whatever you can to get closer to Him. So if you weren't already praying tahhajud every night, take some baby steps. Allah has an open door policy.

2. Do What You Love

Do things that you actually enjoy doing. Yes, it's critical to do acts of worship, but also do things that you really love to do. Play sports, go hiking, head to the driving range, watch a movie. Fill your time with things that will engage and fulfill you – and keep your mind from being where it doesn't need to be.

3. Quit Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Let your love of Allah fill your heart. There is a fulfillment that you will never get from people that only the Most Merciful can fulfill. Know that He has always taken care of you when you had nowhere else to turn to. Ask for His forgiveness and put your trust in Him. He will not neglect you. And don't be afraid to be alone sometimes… just you and your Creator.

4. Follow Up with a Good Deed

So you feel like you slipped and messed up. Follow up with something good. Give charity. Pray at night while others are sleeping. Feed the hungry. Fast some extra days. Just be thankful that Allah saved you from something that could have gotten worse. He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.

5. Stop Dreaming about Marriage

People spend way too much of their youth thinking about marriage. It's even a phenomenon with religious youth – actually, maybe even more so with them since they'd rather think of marriage than something haram. If you're not ready, you're not ready. Allah says: “Let them who find not the means for marriage remain chaste until Allah gives them means by His grace.” (Qur'an 24:33)

Dream big about other things and accomplish something real. Your whole life, and especially your youth, is not about you being attached to someone else. You're an individual. As the Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) said: “take advantage of your youth before your old age. (Reported by Al-Hakim)”

6.  Rediscover Yourself

Discover your talents. Get into things that you've always wanted to try but didn't. Develop your skills in something you enjoy. Take time to do things that will be tough to do once you get married and have less time for yourself.

7. Do Things to Feel Good About Yourself

Take care of yourself in these tough times – your mind, body, and soul. Read a book, study hard for your classes, eat healthy, get exercise, drink a lot of water, dress nicely, listen and read more Qur'an, listen to a good lecture, volunteer at an Islamic function… basically, anything and everything that normally makes you feel like you've accomplished something good. Be kind to yourself.

Written by: Ehab Hassan is a Muslim youth activist and Islamic worker.  He has served on several councils and boards of various Islamic organizations while concentrating much of his efforts in youth work over the past 15 years.  He strives to motivate and connect with Muslim youth and families by delivering sermons, leading discussions, and organizing creative community activities.  His passions lie in Islamic manners, family development, and sharing heart-softening stories, as he tries to get the world to feel something – because people can be so numb sometimes.  By day, Ehab is a Mechanical Engineer, and by night he is a family man trying to maintain his status as the world's best dad.  Ehab resides in Maryland with his wife and three young kids.  Follow him on Twitter @ehababuayah

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This article seems to be dedicated to those who are in "coupling relationship" but I think most of the points are applicable for those single people as well who are like sort of "peer-pressure" ramai kawan-kawan dah kahwin or bila lah nak kahwin, bla bla bla, macam takde benda lain je nak buat, haha. =P

Itu je lah, saje update untuk buang habuk-habuk kalo lama tak update. Minggu ni minggu presentation final year project, mohon doanyaa okayy.

Sekian, wassalam

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