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What To Expect in 3rd Year Medic UCC


InsyaAllah, after habis exam semalam (8 May) and yeah entry ini ditulis terlebih dahulu, dan hanya berani dipublish setelah akak dapat result summer yakni pada 29 May. Alhamdulillah.

So, basically, like what I did last year, I'm going to write an overview how third year med in ucc will be going to be. Here is the snapshot from my blackboard regarding the corses that we have to enrolled, except for the SSM module, that is up to you guys nak pilih apa. But i should say, Health Information is kinda good module jugak laa, tak laa burden sangat. Plus, it was being conducted in term 1, so tak kacau term 2 after winter.

So, let us get started now!!

BH 3008: Epidemiology

Kitorang belajar BH before winter. BH masa third year ni agak berbeza masa kita first year and second year. Untuk third year, BH memang all about epidemiology and bagi kita understanding in term of research, jenis jenis research and how to conduct research. Best sangat! So fokus laa betul betul dalam kelas BH and jangan ponteng ok!

Bahan ulangkaji : lecture notes
Assessment : MCQ, SAQ, and continous assessment kena buat research proposal

CP 3003 (before winter)

So untuk CP before winter ni, nanti every week akan ada cases tutorial. Contohnya minggu ni discuss case, the next week kena present. Dont worry, seronok present sebenarnya, haha. Dapat mood ala ala cerita House yang investigate pasal patient. And then jugak ada clinical skills lab a.k.a CSL yang di mana kitorang belajar pasal phleb, im injection, sc injection, gowning and etc. Masa ni memang best laa sebab kan first time nak belajar skills guna alatan ni. So enjoy the csl ok!

And yeah, before winter ni boleh katakan macam ada 3 blok roughly 3 bulan. Kitorang kena buat rotation for 2 out of 3. So, medschool akan locate laa bila turn kita buat rotation. Before winter, rotation dalam cork je. Antaranya cuh, bons, si, mercy. And it is every tuesday, wednesday and thursday during the morning only until 11.30am.. Inipun best jugak. So get ready with your whitish white coat and your super cool stethoscope and get the feeling of being like a real doctor bila hanging around kat hospital, hehe. Best!

And then kena attend ethic lecture by Dr Kieran Doran as well. Memang pasal fully about ethics. Once a week.

Bahan ulangkaji : for ethics, lecture notes. Yang lain lain, OHCM
Assessment : MCQ for ethics, OSCE, case write up for hospital rotation

CP 3004

Ini CP after winter. Actually after winter, jadual kitorang dibahagikan kepada 3 blok. Setiap blok 5 minggu. So 5 minggu untuk core clinical lecture block, 5 minggu untuk hospital rotation dan another 5 weeks for GP placement under modul CP 3105.

So untuk lecture block, memang akan ada lecture lahh on various system. Mainly focus on investigation and diagnosis of the patients. Again, ada case tutorial jugak. Minggu ni discuss, next weeknya present. On the last week of that 5 week, ada minggu GP. Maksud medschool panggil GP untuk bagi lecture mainly about GP's stuffs.

Untuk hospital rotation, kat cuh or SI or Bons or Mercy, or kat luar, kat Kerry. As for me, dapat kat SI. Not too bad laah. But again, bila hospital rotation, tak kisah la before winter untuk CP 3003 ataupun after winter, you just have to decide what you want to learn in the hospital. Sebab not every doctors and consultant will care so much about ye, kita sendiri yang kena usaha lebih untuk create learning opportunities.

Bahan ulangkaji : lecture notes, OHCM, OHCD, Talley O Connor, a very good pathology knowledge sebab kena apply dalam questions
Assessment : MCQ at the end of lecture block, MCQ for summer exam, case write up for hospital rotation, gaffney essay a.k.a anaesthetic essay, mini clinical examination at hospital, tutor evaluation, OSCE

CP 3105

Ni adalah modul GP. Means that GP attachment after winter. Ini pun depends jugak sebenarnya. Ada GP dia banyak suruh students buat history taking. Ada GP yang banyak suruh buat hands on stuffs such as phleb, injection, ecg, urine dipstick. Like for me, rasa beruntung sangat dapat buat GP placement kat Newmarket sebab memang banyak gila buat hands on.. About one hour from cork, so GP department provide B&B, so stay kat luar laah. And my friend masa buat kat Tralee pun banyak dapat chance buat hands on. For me, history taking you can do it like a lot in the hospital. But for hands on stuffs, practise make perfect, and you feel more confident pun bila time osce sebab dah get used to the alatan.

Bahan ulangkaji: Medscape, OHCM
Assessment: gp evaluation, mini clinical exam at gp practise

FM 3003: Pharmacology

Again pharmacology, pasal drugs, pasal modes of action and contraindication and side effect. Here are some overview..

2. CALs – 8. (See timetable). These are self- directed Computer Aided Learning packages. The topics are: - Epilepsy - Movement disorders - Drugs of abuse - Schizophrenia - Asthma - Inflammation - Haemostasis - Local Anaesthetics

Bahan ulangkaji: lecture notes, Medical Pharmacology at a Glance
Assessment: MCQ continous assessment, MCQ and essay Winter Exam

FM 3004: Pathology

As we all know Pathology is the study about the diseases. And korang akan habis patho before winter holiday. Unlike pharmacology which kitorang habis before winter and final exam during winter, pathology punya final masa summer. So that nak kasi kitorang more exposure on clinical stuffs that helps our understanding in applying patho. With strong patho in second year and physiology of first and second year, insyaAllah it will make patho third year make sense better. First, please erase in your mind that Pathology is hard, susah gills. Haha. Dont let your senior influence the way you think about patho.

Pathology third year sangat best. Sebab akan belajar system by system. Cardio, Respi, GI, Neuro, Repro, Haematology, Liver, Infectious Disease, Renal, Genitourinary. Dan memang banyak lah nak kena belajar. That's why, everyday, after habis je satu lecture, make your effort (like seriouslyyyy) study balik at lecture notes or manual book tentang lecture hari tu, so that you guys wont feel too much burdened kalau nak study semua lum sum just before exam. Please and please, do revise your patho everyday!

InsyaAllah belajar patho ni senang. Dia yang jadi susah (haha sorry terguna juga word ni) bila comes to the exam questions where we have to apply our knowledge into the clinical case based questions. Contohnya dalam EMQ, cases dia semuanya lebih kurang je, kita yang kena pandai figure out key point to make the diagnosis.

Macam summer hari tu, for emq, ada branches of questions on main subtopik macam ni, murmur, respiratory infection, causes of diarrhoea, breast lump, causes of abdominal pain, thyroid disorder, white cell disorder, causes of joint swelling and biliary disorder.

Untuk soalan MCQ, ada yang jenis straighforward, which is answer dia terus diagnosis. Ada juga yang mostly 2 steps questions. Contohnya,

Dia adalah pemilik blog My Gabus. Di manakah dia tinggal di Malaysia?

A. Seremban
B. Jelebu
C. Putrajaya

First, you have to make "diagnosis" first. So if you are smart enough, you know the answer is Norain Ishak, haha. Now you have to know kat mana dia tinggal. Jawapannya B. Jadi kalo kita takleh buat diagnosis, high chance kita salah la jawapan kita..

Bahan ulangkaji : lecture notes, manual book, BRS Pathology, Pathology Flashcard McGrawHill
Assessment: MCQ EMQ 2 continous assessment, MCQ EMQ Summer Exam

I guess tu je yang mampoo untuk dishare. Semoga bermanfaat. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any third year, I am sure they are all will be happy to share their tips. But again, dont be easily get influenced by negative emotion by the seniors. You know yourself better!

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