Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Peach OSCE Cake


The weather now, memang macam kat malaysia. Petang tadi, after hantar buku kat library, tetiba rasa macam nak buat dessert for berbuka. Hihi. So, pergi lah berjalan seorang diri ke Centra nak beli tin peach slices tu. Huuu. Panas tau. (hihi, tipah kata tak baik complaint) Ini bukan complaint, ini statement. So, aku rasa, insyaAllah dah sampai Malaysia nanti, confirm lah kakak-kakak aku akan annoying dengan aku bila aku cakap, "Ya Allah, panasnya Malaysiaaaaa," HAHA.

So, here we gooo. Aku buat kek peach. Hihi. Hari tu macaroni cheese, hari ni kek peach pulak. Memang musim exam, mood nak try masak or bake something tu pada paras yang tinggi jugak lah. So, macam biasa lah, gua ikut resipi je. Aku try resipi bawah ni.


Kome ikut je lah resipi ni, memang jadi. Memang sedapppp ohh! Serius serius sedap. Hihi. Angah, you should try this one! Senang je kot.

 Salah satu daripada 10 MUWASAFAT TARBIYAH : Sihat tubuh badan. Hihi. Sangat awesome jogging atas treadmill ketika berpuasa.

Walaupun nampak tak cun, tapi sedap ok, sedap. Hihi. Tuan yang buat puji lelebih.

Esok which is 28 Mac, pukul 9.45am aku ada exam OSCE! Apa benda OSCE ni?

Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) stations in medical school clinical exams are differently designed to assess one or more of your clinical skills depending on the purpose of that exam. However, required medical knowledge, clinical skills, and communication skills are the same among these OSCEs. It is important to fully understand what is exactly required to be performed in each station and to what medical extent. You will be assessed for only those skills asked in that station. Tasks other than those requested or more than expected at this stage of your medical knowledge, regardless of whether you performed them right or wrong, wont be counted and most critically will waste your valuable limited time.

CP1002 OSCE Wednesday March 28th 2012 Station List

The OSCE will consist of the 6 stations listed below. Each student will start at a different station.
You will be told at which station you will start at when you register for the exam.
There will be 1 minute to read the instructions before beginning each station.
Each station will be 6 minutes in duration.
The duration of the OSCE for each student will be approximately 45 minutes.
You may be waiting for up to an hour before being called to go into the OSCE.
The Rest Station is not an active station – please sit quietly, put the ear protectors and face the wall.
Please observe the following rules:

1. Dress neatly (no jeans etc). Bring your own stethoscope if you have one (though all the
equipment you need will be at the station). You don’t need to wear white coat at this OSCE.
2. Once you have entered the holding room you will not be allowed to leave until you are
called for the examination unless you need to use the bathroom.
3. The use of mobile phones in the registration room is prohibited. Students seen with a mobile
phone (whether on or off) will be disqualified from the exam.
4. Bring all your belongings with you into the OSCE. You will not be allowed back into the room
where the students are congregating. Having been examined you must leave the OSCE area
directly without communicating with any students waiting to do the exam.
5. In this OSCE there will be instructions on the table directly in front of the station about the
task you are expected to carry out. You will be given a minute to read these Candidate’s
Instructions before being asked to start each station.

Station Subject
1 ECG Rhythm Strip Interpretation (Written)
2 Clinical Anatomy: Nerves/Arteries of the Upper Limb
3 Respiratory History-Taking
4 Examination of the Abdomen
5 First Aid: Bleeding
6 Rest

Okeylah, doakan agar dipermudahkan. Wassalam.


Saya Piya said...

wallawehhh. jogging kat treadmill tuuuuuuuuuuu. hihi

minye said...

Ya Allah.. panasnye ireland~~ HOHO.. LOL

tipah said...

sdp!! terbaikkkkkkkkk!!!!!!! =))