Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Do SOME Chinese Talk So Loud?


Hoho. I hate people talk very loudly. I hate their voices. Please, keep your voice low, dear chinese friends. Please please!

I already put up TWO notices in the chalet to ask people who came to my chalet to keep their voice low. But, i just could not understand, why this people, keep on speak loudly. What's wrong with you people? What's wrong? Don't cha read my notice? I hate you people.

I thought, I am the one who think this way. I mean, why Chinese talk very loudly. Then, when I googled, there is also some people who query about the same thing. So, why eh? Why?

I hate to hate people. But, this time, I could not stop myself to hate them. Their voices really annoyed me. Those people who are just talk like this way are people with no manner. Do this people think that I want to hear their voice? What the fish mehh?

And the answer given by a forum is,

"..For them, a high pitch may convey strength, sincerity or warmth-- values that people cherish. In comparison, a soft voice may imply weaknesses or indecisiveness..."

Fuhhh! I really got mad right now. And sorry if some people think my entry today is a little bit emotional and racism. And now, because they can't read my notice in English, i just cannot do anything. What can I do is, bear with their voices and love their voices.

Oh come on ain, you will only hear their annoying voice for about err another 2 months? Oh Allah, help me studying while listening to their voice. If their voice will let me to study more diligent, let it be.

Till then, wassalam.


Muhammad Burn said...

sy pnh sound cina ckp kuat kt kfc...

Norain Ishak said...

muhammad burn, malas nak tegur,kang lagi bising pulak.