Saturday, April 16, 2011

Konfius, Pemilih, Pemalu


Kenyang gila! Misi makan-makan di rumah cousin berjaya! Habislah bertambah lemak-lemak terkumpul. Dah lah exercise malas, apa punya future doctor entah. 

Waktu malam kelmarin kot, aku ter ter ter google different type of girls. And aku jumpa link ni. Seronok jugak laa baca. Ada jugak ar satu dua yang aku rasa, a'ah aku lar tuh. But firstly, aku nak bagitahu Min, dia jenis girl apa.

The Confused

She doesnt know what she wants. Uh-huh. She might want 5 guys at the same time. But too bad she can only make one choice and have one guy. And that's why she's single most of the time. She can't make decisions when it comes to love prolly cos she can be too cautious or perhaps she's just afraid to fall in love cos of its responsibilities and being in a commitment. Altho she's sure she likes a guy, she doesn't have courage or confidence in starting a relationship because she wonders what may happen with the relationship. Most of the time, she shrinks away - that explains how she's always single. What The Confused doesnt know is that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

Itu Min. Kan kan? Kalau aku, err err, maybe the choosy/future-seeker. Hoho.

The Choosy/Future-Seeker

She has her own expectations when it comes to guys and only looks for a guy who fulfills her list of traits. Looking for a guy is rather time consuming as it is hard to find him. She only allows herself to start a relationship with a guy who has most of what she is looking for. She doesnt fall in love easily but when she does, she cherishes him. She does not simply get on with a guy "for the fun of it" even if it means to try out the relationship with someone she might like. She totally makes sure she really likes a guy before getting on with him. She seeks long-term relationships whereby her boy friend could possibly end up her husband. That makes her single most of the time until she comes across someone worth considering.

Haha. But, aku rasa aku ni jenis dua type laa. 

The Shy

This girl might be a naturally shy girl who is not really exposed to the relationship area and does not know how to handle a situation when it comes to a guy. Or she could be the 'other' shy girl who is usually quiet, does not have many friends and is most of the time by herself. Oh, on second thoughts, that's more like a loner so forget about the second point. Anyway, this type of girl would usually be a quiet, sweet girl who just blushes most of the time when around the guy she likes. She has no experience whatsoever and is naive. She only opens up to people she trusts and can be quite bubbly once you get to know her well.

Korang Pulak Apa?

So, korang apa pulak kan? Ceh, aku memandai je label diri sendiri. Tapi memang we know ourselves better kot kan. Boleh lah check it out kat link tu.

Sekian, takde idea hari ni. Esok balik ky balik, and kena serius study balik. Daaaaaaaaaa! Wassalam.


Ateey said...

xsabar aku nak tengok cane laki pilihan kau ain..


is it him??

him....yg ehem2 u know who im talking about...

milo ais satu makcik

Norain Ishak said...

atiqah, pehal milo ais doe??of course bukan dia lahh.kau nak, silakannn....:)aku nak baap penyayang je.

mInYe said...

haha.. aku pun x taw ar.. aku pun choosy and confused gak. rase mcm dua2 kot. haha..

ko mmg ar kate ko choosy sbb ko da ade pilihan ko da. mmg terbaik punye pick up! XD

Norain Ishak said...

minye, haha.pilihan pebenda min..hheeheh.