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Assalamualaikum, people! Maaf lambat update blog minggu, haha. Sepatutnya update semalam, tapi due to internet breakdown, tak dapat lahh. Ini pun update guna iPenyayang tauu..

So, as I promised last week, entry hari ni nak cerita pasal outstation ke Galway. My first time kot! Padahal dah almost setahun lebih duk Ireland, baru hari tu pertama kali jejak ke sana. Pergi Galway ni pun sebab nak attend the medical symposium, nasib baik lah ada motif tersebut, kalau tak, hohoh, tak tahu laa bila nak turun Galway nya.

Before I share the formal input, meh la nak cerita rasa hati ni dulu. Firstly, sangat kagum tengok pasangan doktor kawen sama doktor and boleh jadi sangat sangat berjaya! Mantap gila depa ni, how eh they manage their rumahtangga, huhu. Tapi aku, err personally, tak berapa interested sangat nak kawen sesama doktor ni, hoho, entahlah... It is a long way to go.

Next, agak mengecewakan bila tengok dewan dah penuh dengan gift files from organizer, tapi participants nya tak ramai. Yang banyaknya budak Galway lahh, followed by budak cork ada lah 6 orang camtu, and budak dublin. Maybe kurang promotion kot. Cumanya, kalo ada yang rasa, "medical symposium? Bosannyaa," then kena pupuk lagi budaya cintakan majlis ilmu dalam jiwa.

And actually aku takde lah kawan yang betul betul rapat kat Galway ni, tapi tak tahu la rasa macam ringan tulang je nak datang sana, mungkin sebab ada rakan-rakan sefikrah kot, so you know, the personal attachment agak strong jugak laa eventho jarang gila jumpa tapi tak rasa awkward. Pastu ada jumpa some juniors yang aku tak cam sangat, hoho, malu sangat ler bila ditegur. Tak sempat nak stalk gambar laa, haha.

Ok laaa. Nak share ni,

Galway Medical Symposium 2013
Dr. Burhanuddin Busu
Career Pathways: From Students to Doctors to Specialists

 Do not be a doctor that “manages to repair a broken limb, but the patient is dead”. Meaning to say that, you cannot read academic books only to be a good doctor, but also should be a multi-skilled person (get involves in societies).
 Be a super specialist and at the same time a happy and successful husband/wife/dad/mom.
 There are 70 specialties to choose from. Either clinical or non-clinical. Start making your plan
now, but takes time to decide.
 Brief experiences as a lecturer: teaching, administration, mentoring, training, research and publication, medical work, involve in uni and student activities.

When to choose?
From now until the end of housemanship.

What specialty?
It doesn’t matter as long as you progress. Depends on interest ability, opportunity, spouse/family

How to apply?
Go and get information, networking, planning, and creativity

Where to get training?
Depends on specialties.

 Just because you are interested in this one specialty, but if you have no capabilities in that field, you better do something else and look for other opportunity that is available.
 Choose any specialty as long as u happy and progress and be rich but no need to be filthy rich!
 Sort yourself out, get married, be a hero at home as well in work place. Start with a dream, be ambitious, take the challenge, plan well, work smart, pray and tawakal. Be flexible, reassess, if not progressing, change plan. Job can retire but hope you don’t retire in marriage, find a right person is important

Dr. Zainab Kassim
Be not Just A Doctor, Be Extraordinary

 Don’t be an ordinary doctor, be a specialist! Became sub specialist and be expert in your authorities.
 Be humanistic and holistic, smile, caring and philanthropic (Seeking to promote the welfare of others, esp. by donating money to good causes; generous and benevolent)
 10 requirements: Correct belief, true worship, good character, knowledgeable, strong body, self-control, time management, be organized, financially independent, useful to others.
 Berhijrah to get better opportunity
 How to be extraordinary: expertise in your own field, do research, build leadership skills and
involve in humanitarian works

Dr. Nazir Ibrahim
Sharpen The Saw

 Sometime we do work too hard without renewing yourself. We should take a rest, sharpen the saw and continue the work. Self-renewable, re-energize yourself.

 General reading(time management, personal development, self-improvement, general
knowledge, business and economy). Because once u grad, you become member of
community, father, mother.
 Writing-journal
 Brain exercises-while waiting for something, do sudoku
 Planning-take time to plan, have plan what to study, if you don’t plan your time, you don't
know where you are heading to
 Enough sleep
 Hobbies

Emotion And Physical:
 Connecting with family
 Make friends
 Connecting w people
 Helping people
 Have fun in a good way
 Have a break
 Do some travelling
 Go exercise!!
 Take time to sleep, not in lecture but at home

 Revitalise our souls, zikr, reading Quran, read the translation  Take sometimes to relax with good music
 People make excuse, I have no time! Then, make time, not excuses. See how much time you spend for Facebook. If you think it is important, squeeze your time for that purpose. Who's to blame? You yourself.

 Can you sharpen your saw too much? No. You have to balance.
 You study too much and you might burn out when you lose interest in study. Study too much and you don’t have time to tidy up your table. Keep and organize your notes properly. Take some time to tidy up your room and yourself. You must get organizes. Life's more fun when you're organized.
 No time? Then think again. Life as a doctor is hard and tough but you yourself decide whether it is hard or tough.

Dr. Raja Affendi Raja Ali
Successful Medical Students: Tips and Tricks

 Problem of most Malaysians students: Do not appreciate urgency, public speaking anxiety(involve in charity),don’t looks confidence, know about uncommon things to say but not common things, lack of communication skills, interpersonal skills, networking
 Be a thinker, ask relevant questions, have sense of curiosity, find new solution, listen carefully.
 Think what you see and what you are going to do next (especially when examining a patient)
 Be systematic
 Study effectively and don’t waste time on unnecessary thing
 You have responsibilities for these: Family, society, health, finance, spirituality, study, and
 Have a long term plan ahead.

Dr. Davendran Veerasingam
Life as a Malaysian Cardiothoracic Surgeon Working in Ireland

 Smart alone is not good enough.
 Starts writing your CV now, don’t wait until you grad!
 When you write your CV, you will know what you have done, so that during interview for
specialist training, you have something that make you different from other applicants.

So that's all sharing from me. Semoga bermanfaat!

Sekian, have a good day and wassalam. :)

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