Monday, March 30, 2009

tips lagi!!(dicopy..heheh)

Ok. Let’s say you're shortlisted. Congrats. You're one step nearer to the scholarship. Don't forget the interview time, panel, and location. What to prepare? This will be your big question. You got a few things to take care of. I say: attire, self-introduction, documents and... er mental-preparation + confidence.

What to wear?
A-must (in my opinion):
Slack (black or brown)
Leather shoes (I dunno how to say in English, in BM, kasut kulit, brown or black)
Alternative: 'Kasut batu' (I think the noise is quite annoying, it's up to you)
Long sleeve (You should know what is it, personally I think plain coloured one is better, try to avoid those with fancy stripes with different colours)
Tie (Must must must, don't ignore this)
Belt (I didn't wear it there, I think it's not really important)

Baju kurung (oh gawd, girls are lucky. Just get 1 set of baju kurung and you're done!)
Alternative: Males' attire (the interviewers consist of MALAY mostly; you know... you know... So personally I think the former- baju kurung is much better)
Leather shoes (Yeah it looks weird with baju kurung, but I saw more than 90% of them wearing this for interview)

Oh, some ask whether can wear National Service's attire or not. Try not to. I don't think it's formal.

How about batik (for males)? This one is the real formal dressing. But I really got no idea. So far I noticed, nobody wears this.

Coat (Kot in BM)? Yes, it really makes you look professional. But be prepared to be showered with tough questions (I think so). As it's like you're sticking a note on your forehead 'shoot me'. Try to be moderate lah... Why try so hard to be so special out of them? No point right? (But I saw got people wear this during the interview session. You can wear, but reconsider ><) What to fit in your clear holder? According to this year's (2008, latest, we know this only when we're in the interviewing place), the arrangement goes this way: 1. Slip Temu Duga (printed) 2. Slip Pemohonan (printed) 3. Your IC (original, leave 1 blank page for this. Just take out your IC and fit into this page when you're reporting to kerani, maybe you still need IC to do something else right?) 4. Your birth cert (original) 5. Father's birth cert (original) 6. Mother's birth cert (original) 7. Surat kewarganegaraan (of your parents, original, ONLY for parents who're born before Independence Day, in case you dunno >< sure ="="><><>< economy=" Economy"><><>< me ="="><). If not, go to your friends' house to do this. Who knows that the God wants to play fool on you due to your carelessness? Also make sure that your computer time is correct. Change CMOS battery and synchronise the date and time via internet if you're using XP or Vista IF NEEDED. This sounds funny, but this is just to make sure that the odds aren’t going to happen to you. If not mistaken, this test can only be done ONCE. This-is-not-a-game. ><><

After finishing it, click HANTAR and print that page as asked. Then you're done. Pray for the best. Everything ends here. Sit back and rest after weeks of hard work. May rays of luck shine upon you all.

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