Thursday, June 18, 2009

it's a love story,baby just say yes..

salam everybody..
entry hari ni adalah tag jugak..
memandangkan aku takde benda nak post..
layan je la tag dari..

L is for the way you look at me...

The kind of person youre first attracted to.
innocent face..huahua..=p

Do you believe in love at first sight?..
erm..i think so..

How do you show someone you are interested?..
owez smile at him..hahahha..=p

Is there such thing as a perfect relationship?..
yeah..complete each other weakness to make it perfecto..!

How do you know when someone thinks youre attractive?..
can anybody answer diz question 4 me?..hahah..

How do you know its right?
what its right?..and what its wrong?..huahua..=p

Could you date someone who has been only your friend for a long time?
maybe yess..=)

What do you wear to attract the opposite sex?..
baju kurung..look likes a nice kg girl..heee..=p

What makes someone sexy?..

Are you uncomfortable staring in to someones eyes who likes you?..
of coz lar..adeyh..but i can stare to someone i like..hahaha..=p

Do you come across as confident, sexy, friendly, subtle, or innocent?..
i come across as i am a confident person..haha..not really..!=p

When someone catches your eye, do you try to make eye contact or avoid it?..
avoid it lar..kantoi,usha org..!hahaha..=p

Your favorite colors of eyes in the opposite sex:
dont mind..=)

What makes you sexy?..
i dont hv the answer yet..

O is for the only one I see...

Describe your significant other or crush.

When are you the most happy in a relationship?..
get married..hahaah..=p

Do you believe in soul mates? Have you found yours?..
yeah..still searcching.........................hahhaa..=p

How many people have broken your heart?..
i put my heart in special room and i locked,no one ever break my heart..=)

Would you ever cheat or have you ever cheated?..
for what purpose?..i dont know lar..

Have you ever loved someone who didnt love you back?..
i dont asked that person yet whether he luv me or,no answer..!

Have you ever given someone your entire heart?..
nope..just i said juz now,its locked in a special room..

What kind of things do you do to show someone you are theirs?..
never think about that yet..

Is there ever a happily ever after?..
sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit..
inikan pula suami isteri..

Do you want to grow old with someone or be single?
with someone lar..

Are you a hopeless romantic?..
burpppppppppppppppp..only i know how romantic i am..huahua..=p

Whats the most romantic thing anyones ever done for you?
tak penah la romantic..hhqhaha..=p

What are you like when youre in love?
be a berangan beauty all days..hahah..thats my hobby..!=p

Describe your dream person.
luv me for who i am and not for who i am not..

V is very, very extraordinary..

What has been the weirdest date youve ever been on?
penah ke g date masalahnyer?..

And the very best?..
next question pliz..!!

Whats the most money a boyfriend or girlfriend has spent on you?

And the most youve spent on them?..
nxt question..!

Which one of your relationships was the shortest?..
never been in a relationship,okeyh..!next..!

Which was the longest?..

Are you friends with any of your exes?..
i dont even have an ex..!=p

Do you wish you were back together with any of your exes?..
nxt qustion pliz..!

Do you ever have dreams about your exes?..
i hate this kind of question..!

If you want to get married, what age? that too old?..

Are you open or closed because of past hurt?
open pun tak..close pun tak..huahua =p

What is your philosophy on love?
luv means u can accept ur partner weaknesses..

Who would you die for?
Allah s.w.t.

Who do you secretly yearn for?..
biarlah rahsia..=)

E is even more than anyone that you adore...

The reason you love your signficant other or crush..

Would you change yourself for someone you loved?
utk jd muslimah yg lebih baik,why not?..

Would you give up a dream for someone you loved?..
is it cruel if i say no?..

Would you quit a job for someone you loved?.. cant..sorry my dear..=p

The thing you love about relationships:
it make me feel appreciated for living in diz world..!

The thing you love about being single:
lallaala..masih boleh usha2..huahua..=p

The person whose on your mind right now:
should i tell u,it is a secret okeyh..



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yup., 28's too old hahahaha=P

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