Wednesday, June 17, 2009


salam everybody..

it was 12.05noon..
i was busying cuci pinggan n mangkuk dekat dapur..
(i dont mean to state that im a rajin girl..)
my handphone ringing..
i pick up my phone..

"hello,ni cik norain ke?"
"ye, saye.."
"ar surat tawaran dah siap,so bapa awak dah boleh ambik la"
(i feel damn happy..!)
"okey,terima kasihh...!"

last time i felt very very happy when the day of result spm..
and today..
i feel very very very happy again..!

it just an offer letter..
but maybe bcoz i think im the last one who get that letter..
so,my feeling is a little bit different..

my penantian akhirnya berakhir..

at 2o'clock just now..
my father bring me to hq mara..
there i met mr faizal
he gave the letter and bende yg lain2..
and thanks him so much..!

that's all..
hepi nak mampos lar weyh..!



F a r i z z a i d I said...

lepas nih, habislah
penantian kaw yer ?
hehe ;)

eju said...

congretz ain!
jumpe di kyuem ye, babe ;)

Anonymous said...

waahh congrats to you! so are you going to study overseas? where?