Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stalking Myself


Sebab takde orang nak stalk kita, maka kita stalk lah diri sendiri. Haha. Just kidding. Tajuk memang poyo. Actually baru je buat personality quiz. Rasanya macam related sangat dengan diri sendiri. So, just wanna share tentang my own personality trait which is INTJ. But first of all kalau ada ayat memuji tu, mohon tahan je la hahah.


  • INTJs are very decisive, original and insightful – these traits push other people to accept the INTJ’s ideas simply because of that sheer willpower and self-confidence. However, INTJ personalities do not seek nor enjoy the spotlight and may often decide to keep their opinions to themselves if the topic of discussion does not interest them that much
  • INTJs dislike rules and artificial limitations – everything should be questionable and open to re-evaluation. They may be idealists (impossible is nothing) and cynics (everybody lies) at the same time.
  •  INTJ personalities rarely seek managerial positions – if they do, this is probably because they need more power and freedom of action, not because they enjoy managing people.
  •  Things like flirting or small talk are unnatural to them; furthermore, INTJs (especially females) tend to see typical attraction tactics (such as feigning disinterest) as incredibly stupid and irrational.


  • Imaginative and strategic. INTJs are very good strategic thinkers, often using this strength to devise multiple contingency plans in both professional and personal situations. They like to plan ahead and be prepared, imagining all the potential scenarios and consequences.
  • Honest and direct. People with this personality type hate playing social games and putting comfort or social expectations above honesty and facts. INTJs tend to see these activities as pointless and irrational, preferring inconvenient truth over a comforting lie.
  • Independent and decisive. People with the INTJ personality type are ruthless when it comes to analyzing the usefulness of methods or ideas. They could not care less if that idea is popular or supported by an authority figure – if the INTJ believes that it does not make sense, only overwhelming rational arguments will convince them otherwise. This strength makes them efficient and impartial decision-makers, often at a very young age.


  • Judgmental. INTJs reach their conclusions very quickly and stick to them. Even though people with this personality type tend to be open-minded, they have little patience for things they consider illogical – e.g. decisions based on feelings, irrational stubbornness, emotional outbursts etc. An INTJ is likely to believe that someone who behaves in this way is either very immature or irrational – consequently, they will have little respect for them.
  • May be insensitive. INTJ personalities often pride themselves in being brutally honest and logical. However, while their statements may be rational and completely correct, they may not take into account another person’s emotional state, background, individual circumstances etc. Consequently, the INTJ’s directness and honesty may easily hurt other people, thus becoming a major weakness in social situations.
  • Loathe highly structured environments. INTJ personalities do not respect rules or regulations just because they are there, they need to be confident that those restrictions make sense. Consequently, INTJs strongly dislike environments that are built on blind obedience, traditions or respect for authority – they are likely to challenge the status quo and clash with people who prefer stability and safety.


  • To give an example, if an INTJ is upset, they will not need to tell everyone around them that they are upset – on the contrary, they will focus on identifying why they are upset and then coming up with a logical solution to their problems. Alternatively, they will channel that energy into something productive
  • INTJ personalities can be very sensitive and have very deep feelings. Even though these emotions will be shielded from the public view by the dominant Thinking (T) trait and will (usually) not be the deciding factor in the INTJ decision-making process, this does not mean that INTJs should be seen as, or should aspire to be, cold-blooded and insensitive geniuses living by the mantra that emotions are for the weak. 
  • Idealistic visionaries, unemotional robots, brilliant strategists, socially awkward geeks, fearsome debaters 


  • INTJs tend to have very few good friends – but they also do not really see the need to have a big social circle
  • INTJ personalities are very independent and self-sufficient. They see their friends more as intellectual soul mates than as sources of social validation and assurance. INTJs will happily come up with new ways to improve and deepen the relationship, but they will not be dependent on their friends emotionally. Furthermore, it is quite unlikely that the INTJ will enjoy physical manifestations of feelings (hugs, touches etc.), even with close friends.
  • INTJs have no difficulties relaxing and enjoying themselves among close friends. Their renowned sarcasm and dark humor make INTJ personalities great storytellers, as long as the audience can understand (and withstand) their jokes. This is one of the reasons why INTJs are usually very fond of NT or NF types – they can read between the lines and follow the INTJ’s train of thought.
  • People with the INTJ personality type tend to be truly gifted and bright individuals, seeking personal growth and development, and encouraging their friends to follow the same path. If the INTJ is able to connect to another person at this level, their friendship will likely be strong and long-lasting. INTJs are generally very “low maintenance” friends, who do not require much attention or constant contact – they understand the value of privacy and independence, and will actually push their friends to become more independent as well.

Itu just part of the kuiz lah yang rasanya memang kena sekali. Boleh jadi kuiz ni jadi kuiz untuk Baitul Muslim gak. HAHA. So therefore, "Preferred partners: ENFP and ENTP types, as E and P outweigh the introvert and judgemental tendencies of INTJs. INFJs are also a very strong match as the intuitive connection between INTJ and INFJ is likely to be instantaneous."

Apa-apa pun, tak kesah lah apa pun personality, tapi yang penting kena bentuk personaliti jadi hamba bertaqwa insyaAllah.

Sekian, wassalam...

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